Optus Promises LTE, But Not For A While | Gizmodo Australia

Optus Promises LTE, But Not For A While | Gizmodo Australia.

A win for mobile technology. I was really worried that LTE may not make it here and we’d be stuck with WiMAX devices.

Both Telstra and Optus look to be testing LTE with the article quoting “43 megabits per second” on the first test demonstration.

Current networks quote up to 7 megabits ot Telstra even up to 20, however real world figures are more like 300-1500 kilobits per second.

Watch out for these networks and LTE based devices soon.

What makes LTE so good? it uses MIMO type technology, that multi in multi out to accept signal from more than one tower at a time allowing for better signal and higher throughput.

It also uses smarts to bounce signals of buildings to find a path to another tower. In my opinion a very cool technology and i for one am happy to see the major telco’s embracing LTE rather than WiMAX. Only big hold up is the slow release of the analogue tv band, the staggered switch off will take more time to free up the frequency for use with LTE.


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