HP Slate – Still want an iPad?

So you want an iPAD?

Well did you realise that you have some real choice when looking at portable devices.

There are three main types:

1. Mini-PC/Tablet PC – These are usually more minaturised pc’s than anything else, running windows xp or windows 7. They have the most processing power and most compatible with applications (ie. windows applications).

2. Pad – Mostly these ar ebased on mobile processors like the Intel ATOM. Special low power processors designed for this application, as a result they run a little slower than a CPU from a normal PC with similar clock speeds.
These devices run anything from a custom linux, Android or in the iPad case iOS.
These devices are more ruggedised and tuned for good battery life.
Depending on the OS you will have either Linux applications, Android Marketplace or App Store Apps.

3. eReaders – very light, usually black and white and will only read books (or in some cases play mp3’s and display images).

Where does the HP Slate come in? well it’s a pad. Based on the Intel Atom cpu and with reasonable performance specs it actually runs windows 7. Your getting a pad or tablet device that runs all the same stuff as your PC at home. A world of applications are available to you but in a nice portable device.

Check the link for more info,


What other choices do i have?

Well ASUS are working on some eeePC’s as well as the Joojoo and other tablets or pad’s that have been reported to be in development like the Cisco Android App and the Nokia tablet running WebOS


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