The Internet Keepers – DNSSEC Recovery

Cyber-Guardians – Web – Technology | Popular Science.

From Popular Science we find that 7 people have been entrusted with special internet keys. These keys hold special secure DNS data that will help rebuild the internet (specifically it’s DNS records) in the case of a huge disaster.

Huge you say? how huge?

Well…the internet works becuase it’s decentralised and is not just one network but a bunch of networks joined together. There is however some special considerations, these being the central records of IP addresses and DNS entires including Domain records of who owns what and where should it point to.

The primary DNS records of all servers that either contain records or have pointers to records are called Root servers. Without these servers we would not be able to resolve TLD’s (Top Level Domains i.e. .com .net etc).

So this is where the gaurdians step in, if for some reason these root servers are lost and the central registrar had nowhere to look up information then these special keys could rebuild that index.

I want one just so i can say “I have the internet in my pocket” lol


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