2010 Australian Federal Election – Do we as a nation still have a clue whats good for us?

Virtual Tally Room.

So personally I will choose my rights as a worker and good broadband policy over just about anything else, I also chose to support same sex marriages, womens rights to a safe and stress free abortion, as well as some other good policies i believe will not only benefit me but others who deserve the right to free choice and no discrimination for that choice.

IMHO vote anyone but liberals lol

btw Abbotts speach about the only indigenous  member in the senate was a cheap shot at last minute support. We all have a lot to answer for for not allowing more of the indigenous voices to be heard, there is a lot of suffering going on in this country and an apology is a start (thanks Rudd for having the balls) but we all need to think differently and try more to understand not just indigenous peoples but all peoples in this great country of ours needing help and support.

A fundamental shift in our thinking and the way we conduct our politics is long needed……will it ever happen…who knows, will YOU make a change?


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