Where are my smartphone apps?!

So it seems every man and his dog is making an iPhone app for anything from how to scratch your butt to actual usefull stuff like transport timetables etc.
My question is, why is everyone making iPhone apps for what is literally one of not the youngest smartphone operating systems, not even close to majority market share at my last count.
Nokia’s Symbion OS, Microsoft Windows Mobile, and WebOS from Palm have been out for many many years longer then the iOS on iPhone yet it seems that it is absolutely ok to just ignore these other smartphones that have at least up until recently dominated the smartphone market share.
Are Apple paying developers to make these apps? Where is my windows mobile app for each iPhone app that is made? Where are the Nokia apps?
Quite frankly i am sick of waiting for app developers to provide apps for my windows mobile phone and i am unsure of just who to blame. Is it the sheeple blindly buying and downloading iPhone’s and apps or is it the developers for being lazy, or is it Apples fault for driving out other platforms by either paying or incentising the development of apps for thier platforms?
Is it just me or are there other smartphone users just as frustrated at the lack of support for thier much more established platforms?
Is it Dominos or Cityrail’s fault for just ignoring us as smartphone users with the same needs as iPhone users?

Please comment below and let me know what you think and if you find the same frustrations as i….


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