What size are you? The broadband “T-shirt” guide – Internode 1TB ADSL2+ Plan

Internode have released a new range of plans marketed as “T-shirt” sizes. From a S at 150Gb allowance for $59.95/month right up to the mega XXL with 1TB yes 1000Gb’s! of data allowance for $129.95/month (or $119.95 bundled with a nodeline).

I have said this before and will put it in writing, you may find cheaper but you will not find better.

In my opinion after 17+ years of using the internet from it’s early days right through to the new ADSL2+ and Annex M, Internode are the best network and customer support bar none.

Pick up the phone to speak to a local real human who will greet you with a “G’Day mate” most of the time. They will be more than helpful with your problems and queries. (and if you sign up put norgan in the campaign code 😉

Internode :: Residential :: Broadband :: ADSL :: Easy Broadband.


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