World population and food supply – Are we running out of resources?

Is The Era Of Cheap Food Ending? | Gizmodo Australia.

With the ever increasing population and dwindling resources such as oil and farmland, are we close to the begining of the end?

It is predicted that our food production will need to increase by 50% in the next 20 years to accomodate the population growth predicted.

We are already experimenting with genetically modified food, so how far will this have to go to make up for the increasing demand on food resoucres?

With plenty of rights activists fighting against large scale farming of animals due to the inhumane way most of these productions must operate, do we have a choice?

The above link from Gizmodo as well as the links in that have some very interesting reports and information on this paradox of human growth. I hope you enjoy reading and hopefully we can all consider this when we stuff our faces full of food lol


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