Creationism, teaching our kids that complex evolution is just not possible and that God must have created.

Creationism, the front that hard line Christians use to try and “science up” the argument of intelligent design of complex structures in nature, trys to explain that rather than a slow evolution of complex organs, they were designed by god.

There has been an ongoing push to teach it in schools and an equally strong push to stop it from being taught in favour of a more proven and factual teaching of evolution based on Charles Darwin’s theories.

It’s a big sore point on both sides of the argument accross the Us and it has come to a head again in the following story.

Chemistry teacher Robert Eschbach,  supports the case brought before court to stop education boards from teching creationism and says “It “forced me to be a better educator”, he says. “I went back and read more of the history around Darwin and how he came to his conclusions.””

More can be found in the below link…

via Creationism lives on in US public schools – science-in-society – 20 October 2010 – New Scientist.


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