Internode native IPv6 via Juniper SSG 5 success

“Congratulations! You’re viewing this page using IPv6 ( 2001:44b8:7676:bf70:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx ) !!!!!”

Is what i am greeted with today after a late night power session on my Juniper SSG5 firewall. In part thanks to Michael Dale.

If you are interested I can post my config, it took a bit of tweaking but i am now resolving IPv6 and accessing IPv6 websites while still being able to browse the “normal” internet via the dual stack connection.

What good is this you may ask? Well with IP4 addresses fast running out, and with every phone and mobile device now connecting directly to the Internet, we are facing a possibility of these devices simply one day not being able to connect.

It is predicted that there are less than 196 thousand ipv4 addresses left, this may seem like a lot but the trend points to these lasting less then 231 days from now, less then a year!

IPv6 gives us a whole new range to use, as well as some added benifits such as less overhead and smarter packet information.

If you wish more information you may click the below link to Internodes IPv6 site that contains not only information about thier trial but also links to other IPv6 resources.

via Internode IPv6.


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