Search /withnospam – The new way of searching.

Google, Bing and Blekko…..huh Blekko? WTF!

There’s a new gang in town, and they are promising to deliver a more reliable and accurate search experience.

How you say? well the general idea is that rather than a mass indexed list of sites ranging from the completely kosher to the obscurely barely worth the bytes it takes up sites, keep a humanly curated list of site under categories, here referred to as slash tags, to return more consice results.

More from the report below.

“Basically slash tags tell Blekko to limit your search to a human-curated category of websites — a custom search. So say you want to find good resources for learning about arrays in PHP? Type “arrays /php.” Need a good pumpkin pie recipe. Yup, you guessed it — append the /recipes slash tag.”

via With Help from You, New Search Engine Slashes Through Spam | Epicenter |


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