Stuxnet virus, a secret ploy to take down iranian nuclear projects?

It has been suggested by Symantec after spending many months reverse engineering the Stuxnet virus, that it was targeting nuclear installations. Symantec actually fell just short of stating such, but it’s pretty clear from the report that this is the case. Below is an extract of the story:

“the secret-spilling site WikiLeaks posted an announcement saying that an anonymous source had disclosed that a “serious” nuclear incident had recently occurred at Natanz. Information published by the Federation of American Scientists in the United States indicates that something may indeed have occurred to Iran’s nuclear program. Statistics from 2009 show that the number of enriched centrifuges operational in Iran mysteriously declined from about 4,700 to about 3,900 beginning around the time the nuclear incident WikiLeaks mentioned would have occurred.

Researchers who have spent months reverse-engineering the Stuxnet code say its level of sophistication suggests that a well-resourced nation-state is behind the attack”

Scary thought that someone with a lot of resources, i.e. a government agency, had something to do with this.

via Clues Suggest Stuxnet Virus Was Built for Subtle Nuclear Sabotage | Threat Level |


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