Tobacco advertising to be restricted on the internet in Australia from today

With thousands of people suffering from tobacco related deseases and only more occuring every day, Australia will be restricting tobacco advertising on the internet from today. Health Minister Nicola Roxon has said “Prohibiting retailers from peddling cigarettes as ‘cheap’ or ‘tax-free’ on the internet is the latest step in the…government’s hard hitting and comprehensive action to reduce Australia’s smoking rates,” Health Minister Nicola Roxon said in announcing the new legislation to go to parliament. Together with our efforts to mandate the plain packaging of tobacco products from 2012, Australia is on track to have the world’s toughest measures against tobacco, Tobacco use is Australia’s single largest cause of premature death and disease, killing 15,000 Australians a year and costing our economy A$31.5 billion.”

Personally i do not smoke and find it rude to have to take in a lung full of someones second hand smoke. I welcome any effort to restrict it, in fact i call for a ban of smoking on public footpaths and within wind distance of any place where food is consumed. Perhaps it’s time to bbring Maxwell Smarts cone of silence back as a way of extracting the smoke away from the non smokers.

Australia to restrict internet tobacco advertising | Reuters.


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