Is Wi-Fi bad for us? it appears it may be bad for trees at least.

Personally i beleive that magnetic or radio based radiation from digital devices could influence the electrical processes in our brains, but if that means there is any physical or perminent damage…well that’s another argument all together.

Follwoing is a quote fromt he study and below that a link to more information, judge for yourself.

“The study exposed 20 ash trees to various radiation sources for a period of three months. Trees placed closest to the Wi-Fi radio demonstrated a “lead-like shine” on their leaves that was caused by the dying of the upper and lower epidermis of the leaves. This would eventually result in the death of parts of the leaves. The study also found that Wi-Fi radiation could inhibit the growth of corn cobs.”

via Study Says Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick | Gizmodo Australia.


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