Hacking the Kinect

The race to hack the Kinect and use it for some cool things….

The Microsoft Kinect is a great device, but is it only for the XBOX? Several advances have already been made in using it for other means, including using it as a 3D bullet time style pan and zoom, Minority Report style pc control and i am sure there will be plenty more to come.

It’s not the first time XBOX hardware has been used for other means, after all the hardware is all based on the USB standard.

The article below tells a great story of how the Kinect has been eagerly awaited and is the new toy for hackers everywhere.

“While they waited, others charged ahead. By Saturday 6 November, a hacker who goes by the nickname AlexP had gained control of the Kinect’s motors. Microsoft tried to quash the news, saying the Kinect had not been hacked “in any way”. The hacking community took it as an affront. “This is silly, so now we’ve made it $3k,” wrote Adafruit.”

via Inside the race to hack the Kinect – tech – 23 November 2010 – New Scientist.


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