Essential android apps – From my HTC HD2

– AppBrain App Market –
Great for backing up your app install (built into windows marketplace but additional on Android)
– Tetrīs –
Speaks for itself
– The Moron Test: Section 1 –
Funny test to fool your friends
– Ohm’s Law –
The age old calulation of power
– WordPress –
Enables me to post to my blog
– PAC-MAN Championship Ed. Demo –
Not yet tested
– Angry Birds –
Crazy addictive game of slingshotting birds at piggies
– Yellow Pages® Australia –
Speaks for itself
– Google Earth –
Again google Earth speaks for itself
– Retro Camera –
Great retro camera effects
– Horoscope and Tarot –
For those who are into this stuff
– Flash Player 10.1 –
Flash rocks lol
– Google Sky Map –
Very cool almost augmented reality app to show you whats up there in the sky
– Adobe Photoshop Express –
Editing images on the run
– Winamp –
Really whips the llamas ass
– FxCamera –
More camera effects
– Google Goggles –
Take a photo of something and let google find it, translate it or identify it
– Star Wars Light Saber –
shooosh shooosh
– Shazam –
Identify that song thats driving you crazy
– Foursquare –
Check in at places all over the world and show your friends where you are, reccommend a place or score free or discounted stuff
– MSN Messenger Droid X –
Good old msn
– Earth Live Wallpaper –
Live Wallpaper
– Tricorder –
Real working Star Trek Tricorder – shows magentic fields, gforces, radio signals and more
– Bump –
Bump into a friend and share something with them
– Speed Test –
My HD2 can get 1mbit by 1mbit transfers, on Optus. How fast is your mobile internet?
– SydneyTrain – NSW Australia –
Need to catch a train, look it up with this handy app
– Sydney Traffic Cameras –
Avoid traffic before you reach it
– Instant Heart Rate –
Uses camera to detect your heart rate
– Wifi Analyzer –
Shows WiFi signals strength and channel
– Tuner – gStrings –
Tune your guitar
– Urban Dictionary –
The Urban Dictionary, everything and anything
– Bubble –
Bubble level
– Voice Search –
Google Voice search
– Metal Detector –
Yup it finds metal
– Compass –
Where am i going?
– Advanced Task Killer –
Essential for managing your running apps and keeping your phone running smooth


One thought on “Essential android apps – From my HTC HD2

  1. Happy Holiday. Appreciate the insight.

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