Quantum spookiness, even more spooky

Niels Bohr once said “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it”. Albert Einstein once dissmissed the correlation of distant atoms being linked as “spooky action at a distance”.

New study has found further details on this strange quality of Quantum Mechanics in the below article form New Scientist.

The article explains that the mere non-logical and uncertainty of the quantum world, explains more about the non-locality of atoms. It also reports that using information theory, as used in computer science, can ched more light on quantum mechanics, or as quoted by Jonathan Oppenheim “Quantum mechanics could be even more spooky”.

“When two distant particles that are quantum mechanically linked, or entangled, are measured, the results are more similar than predicted by classical physics. “Nature is non-local,” says Sandu Popescu of the University of Bristol. “This is arguably the most important lesson of quantum theory.””

via Quantum uncertainty controls ‘action at a distance’ – physics-math – 01 December 2010 – New Scientist.


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