The Common Sense in Society Blog Series – Part 1

Rather than just simply being fed up with all the lack of common sense and common courtesy in today’s world (specifically in the cities), i think it’s time someone pointed out what should be obvious.

Part 1 – Public Transport

* When boarding a busy train, move to the furthest most space available to ensure everyone else can get on. If you need to be near the front to get off at the next station, either wait till last or move to the front after everyone has boarded. Try to be polite and ask people to let you through, don’t just push past people.

* If your sitting in an isle seat and someone wants to sit down, firstly don’t wait for them to ask to sit and secondly, don’t expect them to squeeze and climb over you just so you get to sit in the isle. It’s not like they are giving away free money on the train and it only goes to those sitting in the isles or something. It’s just impolite to not move aside and allow someone to sit next to you.

* When approaching the tickets turnstiles, have your tickets ready so that the crowd of people behind you (who all have their ticket at the ready) can get through.

* When standing on a busy bus, move to the back and again if you need to get off at the next stop, it doesn’t mean you should stand right in front of the ticket machine and make everyone squeeze past you just to get on.

This is all just common sense, although I like to call it these days uncommon sense. I don’t know if we as human society are becoming more dumb or just lazy, maybe both, but common sense should be a reflex action and it is assumed. Be a smart being and help others in public by simply using common sense and thinking about others around you.

Next in this series, public footpaths and foot traffic….


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