LTE Trials hit lightning speeds – The good choice

I’m not saying Telstra is the good choice but the LTE technology, LTE uses MIMO and tower targeting to gain very fast and latency free speeds over mobile broadband. The below trial from Telstra is one of many that have been going on. Last year Optus trialed it in real life in Gordon on the NSW North Coast and got real world figures of over 30mbps! that’s pretty good for a single tower.

Thank the killing of Analogue TV for the LTE goodness and once that shut down has completed expect to see the next generation of mobile data here in Australia.

Now it just remains to be seen which devices will be LTE enabled and how they will play with the existing GSM/HSDPA networks.

“Huawei and Telstra have been trialling LTE mobile technology in Melbourne over the past six months and have today announced that in a controlled environment, they were able to get download speeds of 149.4Mbps and upload speeds of 59Mbps. That’s insanely fast!”

via LTE Trials In Melbourne Hit 149.4Mbps Download Speeds | Gizmodo Australia.


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