Kinect’ed – The Microsoft Kinect Review part 1

Initial release of the Kinect device in Australia has no voice recognition, however my initial thoughts on the device are generally good.
Lets do a quick pros and cons then a small review of gameplay:
Works in any lighting including very low light.
Recognises well even with two people in range.
It’s fun!

Cannot yet tell between a close or opened fist.
A little bit glitchy on crossover or near edge of play zone.
Doesn’t work in normal Xbox Dashboard.
Cannot launch all your games from the Kinect control panel.

Now for the low down:

Personally i didn’t see myself jumping around too much, however I am surprised to see just how much I have got into it.
The gameplay is a lot of fun and the balance of music, interaction and ease of use is good. Even little things like the growd going wild when you stick your hands in the air on Kinect Sports.
I played three games, Kinect Adventures (comes with the Kinect), Kinect Sports and Dance Central.
All three were fun and had plenty of action. I also demoed Sonic Board Riders and the Kinect car game (name eludes me right now).
Each have an easy to manage gesture system and plenty of fun music to keep you hyped up and ready to run and jump.
There looks to be a lot of room for improvement but i am sure this will happen with future system updates.
For now, for only $199 it’s pretty good value and the kids (including the big kids) will have plenty of fun with it.


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