Mutant freaks! well these mozzies are, thanks to Malaysia

6000 Male GM mozzies have been let loose in Malaysia in an attempt to try and reduced thier population.

It’s a scarey affair with the real consequences unknown, the scientists don;t even know if they will survive. Basically these mozzies guys are modyfied to produce defective offspring that quickly die. Quite scarey that we are trying to take out a species without knowing it’s effects on the ecosystem to which it belongs.

Malaysia Releases 6,000 Genetically Modified Mosquitoes into the Wild.


Free Wi-Fi on Sydney Ferries

All Sydney ferries now have free wi-fi internet after a trial proved demand was high.

Trials have started at some Train stations and also even on some busses. Go STA, one thing done right, lets see if you can get some more things right lol

Sydney Ferries Now Have Free WiFi Across The Fleet | Gizmodo Australia.

Make your Windows Phone 7 device shine with these great apps

These apps require an unlocked wp7 device, they allow modification of settings not in the base os and makes it more like your own device as well as quick access to comms settings for battery saving.


Advanced Configuration Tool

Quick Settings

Registry Editor

Windows Phone Device Manager

via TouchXperience • View topic – TouchXplorer for Windows Phone 7 Beta Testing.

Some good news thanks to XDA-Devs and the Chevron Devs – WP7 to support homebrew?!…indows-phone-7

“Microsoft will soon support homebrew developments on their Windows Phone 7 platform following two days of meetings with developers behind the ChevronWP7 unlocking tool.

Late last year following the release of Windows Phone 7, a team of developers uncovered a bug which allowed those with a device running the operating system to install applications on their device without using Microsoft’s application store, dubbed the Marketplace.

It made headlines as technology enthusiasts fought over whether the release of the unlocking tool, ChevronWP7, was a good idea to enable freedom on the platform or if it was a bad idea, encouraging jailbreaking and piracy.

However the team behind the software were soon contacted by Microsoft’s Brandon Watson, Director of Developer Experience for Windows Phone 7, who took a keen interest in the matter and encouraged the developers to cease offering the tool while discussions about ChevronWP7’s future continued between Microsoft and the developers.”

Some greats news for the dev and tweaking community, perhaps there is such a thing as a stable o/s with flexibility of development.

via WP7 will officially support homebrew development – xda-developers.

Windows Phone 7 Review – Part 1

I have been running Windows Phone 7 for a few days now and i must say, i thought i might not like it but it has pleasently surprised me.

Main pros:

Xbox Games – almost as good as xbox but mini verison, best graphics i have seen on a phoen so far. Hell best on any portable device so far.

Multiple Exchange accounts with contacts and calendars that play happily together. And each can be added as a start menu tile.

Fast! to use it’s very very fast, still some pauses but these have been addressed in the empending update.

Simple, now this in the past has been a negative, but MS have somehow delivered everything in almost nothing. The old marketing line of “Do More with Less” is probably the best line for Windows Phone 7. The tiles show you good info and without flooding you with data. I have been a big sense advocate but i must admit the Metro interface of wp7 is very nice indeed.

The battery life, display, options and functionality are good, some work is required to bring things like cut and paste and other little bits but an update is already announced and there are sure to be many more in the future. Microsoft have really taken this listening to customers thing to heart and really have shown in thier last few products that customer feedback aids in adding to feature and useablily of thier systems.

All in all i give it (in it’s current 1.0 form) a 7/10 and have no doubt it will be a 10/10 with some future updates.