Gingerbread for HTC HD2 -=MDJ’s CyanogenMod 7 v. 2 now available

Android 2.3.1 is now working from NAND on the HTC HD2, making this the most versatile hardware so far.

The choice now is to boot native Windows or swap to the new mAGLDR to boot direct into Android. Of course you may still choose to boot windows then load android off your SD car, but the NAND versions mean a faster boot into android, lower power usage and performance that is close to a tuned Windows.

The status as of Version 2.0 (the 5th release in a week! MDEEJAY rocks for the dev work going on with this!)


– 3G / Data

– Audio

– Bluetooth


– Wi-Fi


– Phone

– Camera (5Mp)

– Camcorder (800×480)


– Stock Wi-Fi Tethering (Hotspot)

– lights (LED’s, hard keys, autobacklight)

via [09 JAN] -=MDJ’s CyanogenMod 7 v. 1.9 [A2SD+][GRH78][RMNET][Kernel: MDJ S10 OC] – xda-developers.


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