The evolving English language thanks to Social Networks

We all know that there are all kinds of special character and combinations of letters that signify certain words or phrases on the internet. Th emost common form is often referred to at Leet or 1337.

Researches have now found that in a more simple way regional dialects are forming and being used on the internet. It’s pretty obvious these are starting to branch into real life. I know I have found myself LOL’ing to myself in my head, too many nights chatting on MSN or Facebook or in Second Life, it starts to become second nature.

Below is an extract and link to a New Scientist article explaining some recent reseach into this phenomenon.

“researchers found that if you are cool in the San Francisco area, you will probably write “koo” on Twitter, but in southern California, you write “coo”. You are “hella” tired in northern California, “deadass” tired in New York, and in Los Angeles you use an acronym for an obscenity. Other words can also give away location, including references to sports teams and rock bands.”

via Social networks create their own regional dialects – tech – 10 January 2011 – New Scientist.


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