MDJ’s CyanogenMod 7 v. 2.2 – Bigger, better, faster, stronger!

Gingerbread now even better on HD2, Huge credits to MDeeJay from XDA-Developers and DFT. Some of the most respected developers have had a hand in delivering this and the work put in my MDJ with updates and fixes is just blistering. The thread is now over 900 pages long and is the talk of the site.

This rom delivers a stock like as if delivered directly from the factory experience (except faster and more complete lol) to your HD2 as if it were designed as an Android phone.

If you want to breathe new life into your HD2 give this a shot.


– 3G / Data

– Audio

– Bluetooth


– Wi-Fi


– Phone

– Camera (5Mp)

– Camcorder (800×480)


– Stock Wi-Fi Tethering (Hotspot)

v. 2.2 NAND:
- Newest CM7 (11.01.2011) own compiled from git
- Pacman: Added italian translations
- Reimport Camera features and fixes from CM6 into gingerbread
- Implement verify cache partition size during install
- Updated Music3
- Stock Launcher
- DSPManager
- Music
- New init logo (PNG made by bartju94, modified & converted ty me)

via [11 JAN] -=MDJ’s CyanogenMod 7 v. 2.2 [A2SD+][GRH78][RMNET][Kernel: MDJ S10.2 OC] – xda-developers.


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