Nokia using WP7 as primary o/s in around 2 years

It is emerging that the deal between Nokia and Microsoft is not yet finalised and could take two years to reach frution.

“Mary Jo Foley at ZDnet has gone through the form 20-F filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission from Nokia which describes in detail the deal with Microsoft. While nothing really wow wothy was unearthed, there are few bits of interesting things:

* The deal is still not finalized between the two giants, instead a non-binding term sheet is in place till everything is finalized

* The transition to using Windows Phone 7 as its “primary smartphone platform” will take about 2 years

* They want to transition the 200 million Symbian users over to WP7 over time

* “Nokia would bring assets such as its brand, hardware, production, global reach, application store, operator billing support, maps and location­-based assets to the partnership.””

via Microsoft-Nokia deal to take two years for “transition” | wpcentral.


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