Optical Photon Qubit networking!

a qubit is a Quantum bit allowing the representation of more then a traditional bit. a bit can hold one of two states, “0 or 1” or “on or off”, this is how physical devices have represented data since the very first computer. Now however we have a new level of computing in the qubit, this type of computing is called quantum computing.

The next step in using qubits to represent data is to be able to transmit those qubits, which is what has been proposed in the following article.

“To deploy and operate a quantum network which utilizes existing telecommunications infrastructure, it is necessary to be able to route entangled photons at high speeds, with minimal loss and signal-band noise, and—most importantly—without disturbing the photons’ quantum state.”

via Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 053901 (2011): Ultrafast Switching of Photonic Entanglement.


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