The amazing Kinect and how it works…

The fastest selling consumer device of all time is now exposed and explained in the following article and video…


“Their skeletal-tracking algorithm works by assigning each pixel in an image to a particular body part, creating a fuzzy picture of a person where the depth of each point is known, thanks to Kinect’s infrared sensor. The algorithm can also be adjusted depending on the application, so a game that only tracked the upper body could merge the lower body into one single part.

Each pixel is first evaluated for how well it fits certain features – for example, is the pixel at the top of the body, or the bottom? The score for each feature is then combined with a search through a “randomised decision forest” – essentially a collection of decisions that asks whether a pixel with a particular set of features is likely to fit a particular body part.”

One Per Cent: Microsoft explains the tech behind Kinect.


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