Our “friendly” boys in blue

You know, it amazes me sometimes just how useless our Police force can be.
I mean I am sure there are some good apples in there but for the most part they are a bunch of useless, rude arrogant bastards.

Sometimes you like to think that they are here only to protect us and do good but occasionally, which is far too often, you here of horror stories of policing gone bad.
I could give many many many examples of first hand experiences plus a whole myriad of examples of friends and family but i really don’t think i need to detail them all here for most of you to know the kinds of things i am talking about.
They say that your innocent until proven guilty, well not if your the target of an officer of the law; What does that mean nayway, none of them have law training and most have extremely limited understanding of the laws they are supposed to enforce.
In the 21st century you’d think we would have got somewhere in the fight against unprofessional and inappropriate conduct in police officers. Your not above the law and you barely know the law!

Recently i have come accross yet another example of this, being in a situation where a certain group of officers forced their way into a house and knocking over a very ill edlerly man, then accusing him of assult!
Seriously, how is this still allowed??

Police no doubt have a place in society and i am sure some of the criminals they deal with can be just as nasty as any of the officers this article is about, but it doesn’t mean that all criminals or alleged criminals deserve to be treated in this way.

So what can we do about this? well there is always the onbudsman, but your first port of call is your local area commander.
When you speak to these people, show them the basic respect they deserve but keep in mind they are only human, they are not experts in law and it is not out of line to question what they say and/or do.

Also, if your struggling for money and/or not employed, there are always the legal aid services. They have seen just about all of it and do what they do to help people in these situations.

On a direct note, to the boys in blue at Ryde police station, you pricks! gutless cowards taking a sick old man to court for him supposedly assulting a police officer! You know who you are and it’s not on!
Watch yourselves because although some may put up with it, some won’t and we will find ways of making you accountable to your gutless actions!


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