The media really prove themselves sometimes, go channel 7. CSL manufacturing plasma products for TVs?!

Yesterday Channel 7 had a ripper of a story featuring CSL complaining about the strong Aussie dollar causing risk in there ability to compete with overseas supply.

Channel 7 in their infinite whisdom featured images of LCD and Plasma TV’s.

CSL or Commonwealth Syrum Laboratories produces blood based products or plasma for medical use.

Shows how a little bit of research can go a long way.

Media Watch: Crazy little thing called plasma (11/04/2011).

In a strong week in TV, Channel 9’s Kerry Anne show featured a segment on how to survive a plane crash! Serisouly how is carrying a bottle of water and a tissue to put over your face going to help you when your heading towards the ground at terminal velocity (especially when an oxygen mask is right in front of you).

Thanks to media watch for keeping a close eye on the media and to the media in general, wake up! we are not idiots! well most, maybe some of us aren’t anyway…


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