NBN Rollout Delayed By Telstra, how?

Well, as with all internet in this country, Telstra are again delaying rollouts. We have Howard to thank for letting go of Telstra and causing public infrastructure to be privatised, and now we again pay the price. Telstra are being difficult about allowing optic fibre for the NBN to be run through their existing conduits.

Why we would expect anything less from this slow giant I don’t know but the day we are finally rid of Telstra I will hold a nationwide party all expenses paid to celebrate.

NBN Rollout To Be Delayed By Telstra Deal | Gizmodo Australia.


Windows Phone 7 NoDo ROM on the HTC HD2 is here!

YouTube – Windows Phone 7 NoDo ROM on the HTC HD2 Walkthrough.

Several roms have appeared overnight for updating NoDo Windows Phone 7 on the HTC HD2. This has been long awaited and the following thread shows the process used to acheive this.

The rom and details are available from the below link:


Windows Phone 7.5 Codenamed “Mango”

Giz have given a pretty good rundown here so I won’t really add much except to say to the haters…remember when Android and iOS first started?? WP7 is already great, even with some missing features and it’s only getting better.

Personally I can choose form any one of 5 operating systems on my HTC HD2 and I love to tweak and add new apps, I have stuck with WP7 since the day I flashed it and am very happy with it. Not much more to say really…

Windows Phone 7 Update Even Better Than We Expected | Gizmodo Australia.

Internode turns 20! Happy Birthday

Internode, in my opinion, is, and has been Australia’s best ISP. It has broken ground on early ADSL2+ and Annex M as well as leading the way in IPv6, IPTV and many other great technologies.

It was incepted in May 8, 1991 by Simon Hackett and has grown from strength to strength ever since.

Join me in celebrating Australia’s best ISP! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Internode! | Gizmodo Australia.