Microsoft Release Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW

Download Details – Microsoft Download Center – Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW.


Yup, it’s final. Go get yourself the copy and get ready for mango goodness


Photography is monkey’s business

Award winning photographer David Slater was monkeying around in the rainforest when the Macaques he was playing with decided to check out his camera gear. Before long they were snapping some amazing shots.


Btw David says on his website that he uses Canon bodies, namely a 5D MkII and a 40D.





Black macaque takes self-portrait: Monkey borrows photographer’s camera | Mail Online.

Tatrav Village Poor Children’s School

Tatrav Village is a small community located in the Siem Reap Province. Majority of funding and donations are provided by generous tourists travelling through the area. The Tatrav Village Association provides misfortunate children with.

Morning, Noon Khmer, English and Japanese Lessons

Traditional dance training

A comfortable place to sleep

Three meals a day

A healthy learning environment

With your help we can improve our school learning environment and provide essentials such as school materials (books and stationery), equipment, school uniforms, shoes, bicycles or money. Every donation is greatly appreciated. You could sponsor a whole school or perhaps just a classroom and even have it named after you!

via Tatrav Village Poor Children’s School.

Microsoft signs off Windows Phone ‘Mango’, OEMS now ready to tweak and release

Microsoft signs off Windows Phone ‘Mango’ to RTM.


There is no definate date for Windows Phone 7 Mango build 7720.

Microsoft has signed off on it though and it is being sent to OEM’s to tweak and prepare to send it out.