Another example of the lack of humanity within Apple Corp

Has Apple Turned Its Back On The People Harmed In Its Factories? | Gizmodo Australia.


I blogged this a while back and it can also be seen on the Hungry Beast Download episode, Apple screens were using N-Hexane in the manufacturing process, a chemical that is widely banned throughout the world and has been for quite a few years now.

It seems they will talk the talk but won’t walk the walk in regards to caring for the employees affected by this nasty chemical. On top of this they have had no philanthropic activities since 1997 and actively block charitable apps from the appstore.

You may like the design of Apple products but surely there is a social responsibility that this company must acknoledge and act upon. If the lack of innovation and value in Apple products isn’t enough for you to at least consider alternatives then this has to be right? or do we just not care anymore as long as we get our gadgets and can tell our mates that we also now have an iSomething so i’m cool now too.


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