Conroy still trying to sell the content filter

Senator Conroy is probably the most out of touch Minister I have ever come accross, either that or he is just too damned proud to let it go.

The filter, aside from being very questionable on it’s scope of blocked content, is technically inept and can and will be circumvented the moment it is brought online.

“The latest line, that the Minister trusts “to the common sense of the Australian public with respect to the classification system”, is a little strange. Censorship policy is complicated, especially when it comes to the internet, and it’s not clear how pursuing this scheme is somehow leaving the whole matter up to the folksy wisdom of the Australian people. Of course, if you ask people whether they want something done about child pornography (for instance) they are likely to say yes. Who wouldn’t? But the more they learn about this particular “something”, the more skeptical they become.”

More found below on EFF website.

via Electronic Frontiers Australia » Conroy: Filter alive and kicking.


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