The Germans are at it again – rule in favour of Apple against Galaxy Tab

by “at it again” I mean they are causing the world trouble and acting very in line with the Arian oh i mean Apple elite race concept, one kind and it must be perfect! Ok that may be a bit far fetched but it is a problem for world technology innovation when a product that has been proven to be nothing new other than a rehash could be used to block other devices in a market.

“According to a recent tweet from the Germany press, the Düsseldorf Regional Court (say it out loud, feel the joy flow throw your morning) has upheld the preliminary injunction against Samsung that finds the company’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be too similar to Apple’s iPad intellectual property. No Tabs can be sold in Germany as long as the injunction stands.”

To quote Steve in the comment thread: ”

“Before the iPad, previous tablet attempts looked nothing like it. Some had handles, some had detachable keyboards, some had flip screens, and some had dozens of buttons.”


A perfect example of why Apple in many of it’s products is entirely hypocritical in it’s attempts to sue and block other products for having similar attributes.

via Apple Wins Round Two Against Galaxy Tab In German Courts | Gizmodo Australia.


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