Stealth tank can morph into other objects

In a new development from BAE Systems, as demonstrated at DSEI London; it has been demonstrated that a tank could, with the clever use of heated tiles, morphs it’s heat signature to fool enemy camera’s.

The tank has an array of special tiles on it’s outter skin controlled by a coomputer system onboard. The system is capable of recording and displaying stored heat signatures to make the tank appear on infra-red camera as something entirely different such as a car or even a pile of rocks. The system can even image the surroundings and display an image that blends right in with what the tank would otherwise be blocking.

It is even reported ot be able to display QR codes to transmit messages.

The below image courtesy of New Scientist shows the clever system in action:

One Per Cent: Stealth tank morphs to transmit QR codes.


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