Now that’s pretty random

The story starts early this week at my place in Sydney’s Inner West; It was a night of inner turmoil and restlessness.

A combination of noise and other things finally topped off at 2am as I woke to a very strong smell of FIRE! This first instance turned out to be the unit in the front. God knows what they were doing but after an hour or so I felt comfortable that the fire was not progressing as the smell was dissipating.

In a strange twist though, night before last, I woke to a fizzing noise coming from a power point in my bedroom and a foul smell of ozone and plastic. This concerned me as it was a cold night  and I had my heater on.

I jumped up and turned the heater off………fizzing continued.

I stared into space for a minute…………fizzing continued.

Snapped out of it, turned both switches off on the power point and fizzing stopped! hazaar!

Anyway, last night I managed to remove the power point and investigate what had caused the short. To my shock and disgust, I discovered that at least one, probably several, slugs had migrated into my power point. This created a filthy mess of slime, shrivelled and half cooked slugs and arc burning across the brass plates inside.

I’m still in shock (and disgust) now. Why would a slug decide to slither up into my power point?

A quick swap out of an unused point in my kitchen fixed the issue but really, a slug! How would I fill that claim form out with my insurance company?

“Er………yes sir, that’s right, my home was attacked by slugs and they burned the place down. I swear……sorry? no, I’m not on any medication!”


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