Intel’s Ivy Bridge – USB 3.0 and more

Intel have released details of their “tick” cycle chipset release. Basically same architecture as Sandy Bridge but using an enchanced manufacturing process on a 22nm platform.

The chipset itself will support 16 PCIe gen 3 lanes, Native USB 3.0 on 4 ports, 14 USB ports in total and packing around 1.4 billion transistors (close to 21% more than Sandy bridge).

The chipset is bound to deliver more bang for buck in the heat v speed realm.

Chips will include Z77, Z75, Z68 and P67 all being overclockable and the H77 and H67 not being overclockable. The P67 will also not feature graphics support where all of the other will, and if the Sandy Bridge was anything to go by, the internal GPU will deliver graphics to almost rival a dedicated card.

More below:

AnandTech – Intel’s Ivy Bridge Architecture Exposed.


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