VMware Workstation 8 and Windows 8

I recently just decided to see if VMware had a version 8 of Workstation available as a beta. To my surprise it seems they actually have a release on version 8. Coincidently Workstation 8 appears to be able to deliver the CPU function required by Windows 8 Developer Preview, previously only available in Virtualbox from Oracle.

Now i know Virtualbox is free but I just like VMWare’s products and Workstation 8 has delivered once again.


So far I have found VMware Workstation 8 to support hot add of memory, that’s cool;  import XP Mode VM; and the ability to connect to a server. (vCenter, Workstation of ESX).


All this along with it’s usual features such as unity that behaves very much like XP Mode applications except that you get a virtualised parallel start menu from the VM running in Unity mode.

This following is from the VMware website:

  • Run over 600 different operating systems right on your PC. Prove your mastery of the PC and run from DOS to Windows 7
  • Run the most demanding applications in a virtual machine with 8 virtual processors or 8 virtual cores, 2 TB virtual disks and up to 64 GB of memory per virtual machine
  • Move to the internal cloud. Build and test your virtual machines locally and then drag and drop to move them directly to VMware vSphere
  • Remotely connect to virtual machines running on VMware vSphere anywhere on your network to leverage not only your local PC but the internal cloud
  • Run as a server to share virtual machines with your team, department, or anyone in your organization with enterprise caliber control over user access
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