Apple stock drop as analysts report prediction of iPad slowdown

Stocks in Apple dropped 3.3% during the trading day on the Nasdaq and closed 0.28% at close of trade, on reports that the iPad will drop it’s sales momentum on the back of rivals entering the market.

Let’s face it as a computer the iPad is pretty useless and an eBook reader with internet will suffice for most. Otherwise you’d want to be looking at the higher spec’d Windows 8 teblets to function as a full PC experience in a tablet. With Amazon bringing out their own tablet as well as other compeditors such as the Windows 8 Tablets, has caused analysts to assess the future sales of the iPad as slowing down substantially.

Apple of course declined to comment on these reports.

“Concerns for a slowdown in iPad tablet sales come as is expected to unveil its own tablet rival on Wednesday. One analyst has already described the expected device as a “game changer” that could challenge the iPad.”

via Apple stock falls on report of iPad supply slowdown | Reuters.


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