Verizon backs Samsung against Apple

One of the united states biggest network and mobile providers, Verizon, has come out in support of Samsung claiming that the claim Apple is making and move to block devices will cause harm to the advancement of their network.

Well that’s obvious but it’s great to see finally some backlash and standing up to the juggernaut.

Apple are buring a fuse at both ends and loosing both quality and innovation, and fans in the process.

I find myself having to less and less fight the fight against Apple now that many more people are waking up to the giant.

“”The requested injunction of certain Samsung products will harm Verizon Wireless and U.S. consumers,” Verizon said in a court filing dated September 23.

“It also has the possibility of slowing the deployment of next-generation networks — such as Verizon Wireless’s — contrary to the stated goals of the U.S. government,” it said.”

via Verizon takes Samsung’s side in spat with Apple | Reuters.


One thought on “Verizon backs Samsung against Apple

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