neutrinos – faster than light or just especially tricky

The linked article requires free registration, however I will attempt to summarise it here:

The recent experiments between CERN and OPERA, reportly proved neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light.

The experiment caused claims of Einsteins special theory of relativity to be totally blown out of the water and and physics as we know it to change forever. While this stil may be true there has been a theory offered to both explain the faster than light travel and Einsteins theory.

In 2006, Pakvasa, Pas and Weiler came up with a nice little explaination of how this could be so.

The theory says that out universe contains an extra dimension, one that exists along a plane and wobbles in a wave, kind of like wobbling a peice of paper. In this model, a neutrino could travel along this plane, but in fact skip between the tops of the waves, kind of like a dolphin or flying fish may jump through rough seas.

The plane is refered to as the “brane”, that floats in a higher dimensional space-time called the bulk.

So basically, these little neutrinos, could be agile and quick enough to travel along the tops of waves rather than have to go through each one, in effect jumping through little segments of time and therefore appreaing to travel faster than the speed of light when they are in fact perhaps travvelling at or below while taking shortcuts.

‘Light-speed’ neutrinos point to new physical reality – physics-math – 28 September 2011 – New Scientist.


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