Steve Ballmer takes home a very modest bonus

It’s no secret that while Microsoft have had some successes and should have more in the next 12 to 18 months, they have struggled in market share in both personal computers and the mobile phone and tablet market.

As a result Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer took less than $700kUS as a bonus and takes home the same as a wage.

“Overall, Ballmer’s compensation rose only about 2 percent from last year to $1.38 million, making him one of the lowest-paid leaders of a major U.S. company.”

All this while some failing companies are paying out record bonuses while costing people lots of money in lost investments. I commend Microsoft here for taking the hard line in both the wage that Ballmer gets and the bonus.

Successes in the Kinect device, Office 365 Live and Azure secured him the bonus that is reported to be anywhere between 0 and double his salary. While failures in Zune players, Kin phones and the lack of response to the shift in Tablet and mobile computing kept it down.

via Microsoft CEO bonus lags on phone, tablet results | Reuters.


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