Japan announces another whaling mission to the Southern Oceans

They are at it again, Japanese whalers have declared that not only will they be back in southern oceans, but they will be there prepared with additonal security measures to fight the Sea Shepards attempts at stopping them.

The Australian Government has made an announcment that they condemned the program, but Sea Sherpards Paul Watson dissmisses the comments in favour of tough action. You can support their calls for a marine sanctuary here

It’s about time we stopped this from happening, in our waters around NZ and Australia, we should just use military force to stop them. What are they going to do in return? wage war? not likely. Block exports, not likely. They are fighting a loosing battle and they know it but they need their arses kicked good just once to be woken up to reality.

The world will not stand for this!

“NZ Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully yesterday said Japan was isolating itself from the international community with its decision to resume whaling.

“It is also entirely disrespectful of the strong concerns expressed by Australian and New Zealand people for whom the Southern Ocean is our neighbourhood,” Mr McCully said.”

via New Zealand Government slams Japanese whaling move | News.com.au.


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