R.I.P. Steve Jobs 1955-2001

Steve passed away yesterday from a long struggle with pancreatic cancer.

Steve did some amazing things for Apple and was indeed a marketing genius and charismatic person. I have to stop there however, even though many many blogs, sites and statements will go much  much further and proclaim him a genius that saved the planet and invented every bit of technology you use now.

He also did amazing things with Pixar, bringing us the next leap in CGI and movies providing good family fun and entertainment. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t been moved by a Pixar movie or clip.

Let’s all please try and keep it sain and in perspective, he did a lot for Apple and some of what Apple did influenced some technology, even I started on the good old Apple IIe in high school.

He will be missed and no doubt literally worshiped by many, my full respect goes to him for the man he was and to his loved ones in this time of sadness.

I sincerely hope this is not a stunt by Apple to sell the new Apple iPhone 4s, no doubt many of the devices will be bought as a sign of respect to Jobs if for no other reason.


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