Visiting the Apple castle in London

A clever, whitty and entertaining view of a visit to an Apple store.

“Once upstairs, I was greeted by another fully kitted-out sergeant in the war against inferior PC’s. Curt yet polite he orders to know: “Name? Appointment time? iPhone situation? Yes, yes, we have you in our database – please wait over there.” Never mind that I was right on time for a 2:10pm appointment, I still had to wait. Remember people, this is about a dead phone, I’m not exactly after an oncologist appointment.”

“Was Steve watching from Cupertino on CCTV? Were they recording my Mac Jokes? Did they know I was not a true Mac-hiavellian? I began to feel like all the Mac Bees KNEW somehow that I had used PC’s in the past, so I headed for the exit as casually as I could, in the most nonchalant manner I could, out into the comparative safety of Regent street.”

via Bastion of Cool or Temple of Geekness? (In The Kingdom of Mac) « Last exit to reality.


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