Be a smart shopper when buying online – Coupons

When you buy just about anything online you may notice that during checkout there is a field for coupon or promo codes.

This is usually for some kind of promotion that you have been given, however, what do you do if you don’t have one? You feel like your missing out on something or paying more than you could be.

This is nothing amazing or new but it’s something that most people never think of, including myself. I have been training myself to do this every time I buy something online:

Recently I signed up for the GoGet car share program, I remembered in this case to do a search for GoGet promo or coupon codes in Google. The search brought up several coupon sites, one of which had several codes; one was for a free day hire, another was for a discount on the membership, neither worked, however i found another that gave $50 credit on the account when signing up, and it worked!

It’s pretty simple, and one example site is in the link below, but really whatever site your on do a quick Google search for the sitename and the words “promo” or “coupon” “code”.

You’ll be surprised just how much you can save sometimes. 🙂
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