Listening to the customer 101

In the lead up to Windows Phone 8, codenamed “Apollo”, Microsoft have setup a feedback site where you can provide feedback and feature requests.

You are able to vote on others suggestions and have 10 votes to do so. If the suggestion you vote on or suggest is accepted to be included in the final build (based on votes), then your vote will then be free’d up for another request. Yo may also reallocate your votes if you change your mind.

This is a clear demonstration of how to listen to the customer and have a product delivered that is focussed on the end user. Other companies do this but I am unaware of any that are taking input in such a focussed way for such a key and high profile product.

The site starts with the below:

“Welcome to the Windows Phone Feature Suggestion Box! Please vote for a feature suggestion or submit your own!

We’ve created this site as a tool to help Microsoft understand how customers use Windows Phone and we welcome your feedback.”

via Customer Feedback for Windows Phone.


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