Will Jobs actually do something for humanity from the grave?

There is an opportunity for Jobs’ fortune to actually do soemthing charitable for once in his $8b forune left behind.
It’s possible that there have been contributions that we do not know about but it’s very clear that Jobs focussed soley on his work and everything else was a distraction, including actually helping people.
Many uber wealthy people will donate to charities as tax write offs and while the reason may be wrong at least there is cash heading to organisations that are helping people. Others meanwhile do actually actively try to help by voicing support for certain issues or organisations and raising those profiles to bring in additional support.
Jobs however is not one of these people, but he still has time for a repreive if he has indeed left something behind in his instructions.
It remains to be seen if this is the case, lets hope this man did actually have some sense of humanity.

Steve Jobs Can Still Become a Great Philanthropist – The Wealth Report – WSJ.

p.s. Like any religion I know fans are going to hate this for daring to question the all mighty Jobs but you all need to get some perspective with this guy.
There are so many really great people out there and yet we praise and worship some guy who pumped out gadgets, and questionable ones at that while caring only for profit and product.
His products didn’t change the world nor did they really do much for humanity. If he hadn’t spent so much time in his products, others would still have brought us to this same point in terms of gadgets and products.
Beleive it or not, it was all already happening, Steve just jumped on the bandwagon at just the right time and marketed it really well to fool everyon into thinking that Apple indeed invented this stuff and that noone else had thought of or invented these technologies before. (but they had!)

To be clear, I respect Jobs for his work in Pixar and for his marketing genius and I do not wish to dishonour him nor disrespect his right to honour in death but I just cannot stand idly by and listen to the outlandish claims of the messiah.


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