The worlds genetic vaults will save us from Apocalypse

There are efforts around the world to preserve geneic biodiversity in agriculture and even animals.
They include the amazing Svalbard “Doomsday” Seed Vault that stores seed samples from all over the globe, including sourced ancient species. The idea is that if there were some global event that destroyed stock, especially with our very specialised and some would say vulernable, crop varieties that we commonly use today.

Many people may not know that the use of seed stock all over the globe is controlled, patented and distributed by basically one company, Monsanto. It has even been reported that they have teams of investigators that police the use of not only the seed that they have lisenced out but also the use of compeditors seeds. Farmers using another seed when they are contracted to Monsanto could be cut off and forced to shut down, not only that but if a neighbouring farmer has seed blow onto his land and the Monsanto seed grows when they are not permitted to grow it they also can be shut down. (See Food Inc.)
It’s an amazing situation to be in for farmers and for food production all around the globe which makes efforts like Svalbard all the more important in saving other varieties .

The linked article goes into detail of a documentary looking into these stores…
Seedbank Vaults Hedge Against Apocalypse | Raw File.


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