An open call for the ACCC to review anticompetative behaviour using patent law

This is becoming a huge issue for all Tech companies and it’s getting beyond a joke.
This recent ruling by an Australian judge to extend the injunction against Samsung by Apple to stop the Galaxy tablet from being sold is really showing itself as a bullying move to stop a competitor’s product from being sold.
The points on which Apple have effected this action are flimsy at the least.
This is a perfect example of why patent laws need reforming; it is damaging the progression of technology and driving out smaller players who simply cannot afford to fight these kinds of moves.
The lack of ability for Samsung to sell the Galaxy Tab is only hurting retailers in Australia in what is already a reduced market due to personal import and web purchasing.
I don’t even know why, when any product can be grey imported, any law could even be valid to block regional sales of any device.
ACCC time for a change! Acknowledge the generic nature of core technologies and the suffering local market and stop this kind of anticompetitive behaviour before it’s too late!

Apple Vs Samsung: Galaxy Tablet Injunction Stands [Updated] | Gizmodo Australia.


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