Pokie Reform 101 – Catherine Deveny

Catherine Deveny has a way of putting both her Athiesim and her comedy. She also has a knack of making stark and insightful observations of reality and is one of my favourite twits.

Today Catherine entered in on the pokie reform debate, and as usual, has found the words to show the harsh and stark reality of the facts surrounding pokies and their reform.

“As I drove into the car park, I was asked to pay for my parking up front. The cold, stark reality of this great monstrosity of greed and broken dreams is that some people, maybe many people, don’t have the cash to pay for their parking when they leave. Let alone their mortgage, groceries, petrol, bills, car payments or child care.”

“How bad are these people’s lives and how fractured are their souls if sitting in front of a poker machine on a beautiful day at 10am is an escape?

What would these people be doing if they didn’t have access to the pokies? Watching telly? Lying in bed? Flicking through a mag? Would any of those pastimes be more valuable? Maybe not, but at least they’re cheaper. None of these people around me punching the pokies has walked in here today expecting to be a loser. Despite knowing that these machines are programmed to make losers of them, they each feel as if they’re the lucky one. They are mesmerised by the pretty lights, the dark ,windowless room and the electronic music. Their basic instincts have been manipulated by thousands of dollars of interior design, flashing lights and electronic music researched and proven to separate people at their weakest from their money. Their faces don’t look happy, beautiful or wealthy. Just sad.”

The article is a dark but whimsicle view of pokie reform and is well worth the read below:

via – Columns – Pokies. What’s to lose if we get rid of them?.


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